How to Get Drivers’ License in Nigeria

Getting a driver’s license in Nigeria doesn’t even require much, yet it is still being neglected by many; it is an ideal thing for a driver to follow due process in acquiring the theoretical and practical knowledge involved in driving and this knowledge can only be obtained from qualified driving schools in Nigeria.

Although a lot of persons may argue that one can learn driving without going to driving schools; yes, it is possible but most times the basic rules which include road signs and appropriate skills to apply in some emergency situations are likely to be left out.

Learning how to drive from unqualified persons have been the order of the day especially in Nigeria and some other African countries. Series of car accidents that happen frequently on Nigerian roads no doubt can be attributed to those who are not qualified to handle such.

Drivers should endeavour to follow the laid down procedure of acquiring driver’s license so as to have the right driving knowledge that will to a great extent help in the protection of lives and properties.

Below are the guides for obtaining a Nigeria drivers license for the first time.

·        Attend an accredited driving school

Getting a valid driver’s license in Nigeria requires one to attend training at an accredited driving school where experts in the field will teach the principles of driving and also the road signs. Moreover, you will be issued a learners permit which protects you legally when involved in an auto crash.

Also, the driving school will assign you an instructor who will be guiding you throughout your learning period.

·        VIO inspection

After the qualified personnel’s must have taught and tested you on driving on Nigeria roads, the driving school will then present you to the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) for a driving test to ascertain if you have acquired the necessary knowledge about road signs, its use, and also the skills in driving.

·        Obtain certificate of proficiency

A learner passes driving test and obtain a certificate of proficiency from the vehicle inspection officer.

·        Apply for driver’s license

After obtaining a certificate of proficiency, apply for a license at the Driver’s License Centre (DLC) followed by an online payment or making a payment at the designated bank.

·        Presentation of application form to BIR & VIO officers

Having reached this stage, the applicant presents his or her application form to Nigeria Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) and vehicle inspection officer (VIO) at Driver’s License Centre for confirmation.

·        Biometric capturing

Nigerian Federal Road Safety Officer at the Driver’s License Centre will capture the biometric data of the applicant, after which he or she will be issued a temporary driver’s license which will be valid only for sixty days.

·        Collect the original driver’s license

Original driver’s license will be ready for collection at Nigerian Board of Internal Revenue after sixty days of application.

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