Big Deal Driving School Driving School frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about the driving, licensing and the Big Deal Driving School.


  • How Long can I Learn Before i Drive on the High-way?
    Each Individual is different in terms of their ability to drive on the high-way, so stay calm until your instructor gives you a go-ahead nod.
  • How Old do i Need to be before i can apply for driving license?
    According to the Nigerian Constitution, anybody applying for driving license must be at least 18 years old.
  • How Long can i keep my certificate before applying for driving License?
    Your Certificate is not like that of the conventional institutions. Yes Your Certify can Expire! But you have at least 3 years before its no longer valid.


  • What is the cost of a Driving Lesson?
    The cost of a lesson depends on your Chosen package. Please see the Pricing page for our pricing table.
  • How Long Before you People Contact Me, when i Book on your Website?
    We will be in contact with you Immediately we recieve your booking. .
  • Do you Conduct Lessons in the Evening and on Weekends?
    Yes, we have a lot of people who do the 8 to 5 on week days. so we also have arrangements for them after work and on weekends
  • How Long do I Need to Learn Before I can confidently Drive?
    This will depend on a number of different factors; the amount of previous experience you’ve had, whether you have access to a car outside of lessons that you can practice in and how much time you can allocate to learning to drive. We will need to discuss this with you and will most likely need to assess your current driving ability to give you an accurate answer.
  • Is It Better to Learn with Automatic or Manual Car?
    This depends on your personal preference and your driving requirements. Generally, an automatic car is easier to drive as you do not need to operate a clutch pedal to change gear. If you pass your restricted licence test in an automatic car, you can only legally drive automatic cars until you have passed the full licence test. If you pass your restricted licence in a manual car you can drive both manual and automatic cars from then on. Once you have passed your full licence test you can legally drive both an automatic and a manual car, regardless of the type of car that you passed your restricted licence with.


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